The Best Kept Secret in Europe: Ghent


There are tons of reasons, why Belgium is widely known as the “Essence of Europe” and the city of Ghent puts the country’s definition perfectly right on spot. Some of you may not know of this place’s existence. This marvelous city is a bit underrated mostly to tourists and overlooked by travelers. Yet, it outshines other famous holiday destinations on your typical summer calendar.

True Fact: When you Visit Ghent, you’ll be astonishingly surprised! No kidding!

As a matter of fact, three years ago, even I had no clue where this place was, and definitely had no clue what I was missing. Just to give you a little background about this glorious masterpiece of a city, Ghent is a city in Flanders in the northern part of Belgium. As much as I would hate to see it as one of the most underrated travel destinations in Europe, it’s geography doesn’t really help much either –  having it’s neighboring cities Brussels, as the largest city of Belgium and the administrative center of the EU, and Bruges as the crowning glory of belgian tourism.

Nevertheless, these very little undermining facts about the city’s geography and it’s unpopularity among masses still couldn’t  stop Ghent from capturing your heart and having you fall involve with it at first glance.

Here are 10 Reasons why you should visit Ghent.

1. Breathtaking Architecture.
Ghent is probably one of the most beautiful cities I have visited in my life. The city is surrounded by architectural masterpieces everywhere. I could walk in it’s streets all day in awe.


2.  A Mixture of Modern and Classical atmosphere. 
Despite it’s historical heritage, Ghent is surprisingly very trendy. Somehow, the city’s alternative setting can easily be recognized. A definite eye-catcher for the active youth.



3. It’s not Touristy. Nope! It’s definitely not. All the more reason to visit the city!



4. Castle of the Counts (Gravensteen). Don’t be fooled by the exquisite architecture outside, as inside this marvelous big chunk of rock lies a torture museum, which is not a friendly sight for the younger crowd.



5. The Art Scene is Overwhelming. The city is not only trendy, it’s also very artsy! Freestyle string music, street poetry, contemporary theater and a lot more!

Yep, these are flemish students alright and they’re in the mood for some country music! Yee-haw!


6. Graffiti at Werregarenstraat & Tweebruggenstraat.  These are little alley ways in Ghent that are entirely covered in graffiti.



7. Ghent is easy to get around and very straightforward.  Their public transportation is the tram, although most people have their own bikes to get around the city. In my opinion the best way to go about Ghent is by on foot. The city is pretty much very straightforward that it’s hard for you to get lost. 



8. “Veggiedag” or Vegetarian Thursday. This is perhaps  the most unique insight I have found out  during my visit. Ghent has its official veggie day! Every Thursday schools, public service offices, and some restaurants serve vegetarian meals to children and adults of all ages. It’s the organic heaven for vegetarian travelers. 


Where’s the beef you ask? Well… definitely not around Thursday, that’s for sure! 


9. Interesting Authentic Shops & Restaurants.  One of my favs are their antique shops which is quite a treat if you love vintage trinkets like moi! 



1o. Belgian Beers. Yes, we’ve all had a taste of belgian beers before, but there’s just something about drinking it in one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium. I’d suggest you try their seasonal beers which they serve very rare in random occasions.


How to get there?

From Amsterdam Central Station, we took the early train going to Brussels  . The trip was around 3-4 hours maximum (€ 40 each/ adult). From Brussels, we took the bus going to Ghent which is around 1-2 hours (€ 10 each/ adult)  as there might be a 15 minutes stop in Antwerp. Rates can vary depending on which express bus or train you take.

**Edit:  An easier way to get to the city from Amsterdam is by train (one way),then from Brussels to Ghent’s St. Pieters station (40 minutes). Thanks Johan Coppens!
Make sure, to book your tickets online at least a day before your departure so you can avail their discount

Have you ever been to Ghent? Have you ever been to Belgium? If yes, what was your favorite experience during your visit? Let me know on your comments below.

Photo Credit: Benjamen Colegado (Jamcole Photography)



15 thoughts on “The Best Kept Secret in Europe: Ghent

  1. Hiya there, in point six you meant the “Tweebruggenstraat”, not “Weebruggenstraat”.

    Also, from Brussels you can easily take a train to Ghent (Gent-Sint-Pieters station). It will take about 40 minutes and will cost you 18 euro for an adult return ticket on weekdays, 10 euro in the weekend (using a weekend ticket).


  2. Hi ! First of all, great post ( thumbs up ).
    Ghent is city with a spirit. The city that you fall in love from first day. I love it.
    For me the best place for drinking beer is Dulle Griet, at Vrijdagmarkt. There you can find 250 different kinds of beer. There is one beer, when if ordered you must according to tradition give one of your shoes which is then hoisted up in a net to the ceiling. You get your shoe back when the glass is returned (it’s a fancy glass).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Don t forget to mention “De Gentse Feesten” a 10 ten days street(concerts, dance, theater) festival like Oktoberfest im Münich or le Festival d’ Avignon in Avignon, with over a million visitors.


  4. When visiting Ghent, do so around the national holiday (21 of June) during our 10 days during festival ” de Gentse Feesten”. It’s a free festival across all of Ghent with live music, street art and much more.


  5. Love you love Ghent. There are less cars in the city center than in Bruges 😉 And there are also a lot of musea to visit.


  6. Thank you for your post. Ghent is a wonderful city to spend a long time… I lived there for a year and never got tired of it… Evryday had sth to discover… Highly recommended for students… And to hang out with friends you definitely have to go to Overpoort… the vooruit zaal, hot club de gand, pink flamingo, white cat… Het spijker, and there two nice bars in the pathershol neighbourhood… One is het velotje and the other i cant remember its name… But a lady serves you the sweetest shot you ever… Very tasty… Ask any local and they will tell you about it.

    Sorry… It was ur post but i get very excited when i recall my time there.

    Thx again.


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