So you wanna go to Amsterdam?


Amsterdam, is one of the world’s most overrated cities in Europe. I’m using the word ‘overrated’ for the reason that when one plans his/her europe trip, Amsterdam just seemed too good to pass up. Whether you’re there for the history, art, endless shopping, a food splurge, green haven or a crazy nightlife, the capital of the Netherlands has it all.

10 Things you ‘must’ do in Amsterdam or don’t visit Amsterdam at all:
  1. Explore the City on Bicycle.  There’s a lot of bike rental shops in town, as it is one of Amsterdam’s common way to go about the city. With a map and a tourist information (iamsterdam booklet) at hand, you’re all set!



2. Visit the Sex Museum. One of the most interesting museums in the world that’s been going on for over twenty years. It has all kinds of intriguing art pieces and sculptures, some of them extremely strange and bizarre. Keep in mind that this place has an age restriction. You can’t get in if you’re below the age of 16. Entrance fee is only 4€.



3. Visit the Anne Frank House.  If you’re a fan of the book (The Diary of a Young Girl / The Story of Anne Frank), you’ll definitely dig this place.



4. Take a canal tour. You can either take the private charter boats, or the open top boats whichever you prefer as they have all kinds of options. Best time to do a canal cruise is during summer where the skies are blue and cloudy.


We didn’t get any clouds as our trip was last October, fall season. 😦



5. Look for the “I amsterdam” sign.  They actually move these letters from places to places around the city so if you want your picture taken with these huge letters on your background be on a look out for it.


On our case, we found it at the end of the line for an international marathon, so chances of our “I amsterdam” pictures were blown in the wind. Sob!


6. Grab a dutch ‘frite’ for a quick snack.  Dutch fries are the most common street food in Amsterdam. It’s the variety of sauces & toppings along with the fries you really want. They have all kinds of flavors from peanuts, cinnamon to pumpkin and the like.


Photo from


7. Or if you wanna try a different snack, Space cookies anyone?



8. Try a ‘Greendayz’ or a ‘Dr. Green Love’ ice cream. Amsterdam is the first city to have the cannabis ice cream parlor. Remember to eat with your head!



8. Get an interesting souvenir. Take a stroll at Amsterdam’s shopping center and find  some ‘unique’ souvenir for keeps. (Like a talking testicle massager! lmao)



Who needs a red bull when you have these?


9. Explore De Wallen at night, also known as “The Red Light District”




10. And Lastly, Smoke a blunt and bug out! I‘m just being real, why would’t you? Your’e in Amsterdam after all.


Excuse the baked face, I’m not always this giddy!


The night life in Amsterdam is also something to look forward to. From old fashioned heineken pubs to the freakiest rave parties. You name it, the city has it. It’s also pretty much alive at night, so whether you’re up for a crazy night out or would just prefer to stroll around admiring the busy street lights,make no mistake that you’re at the perfect city to do it all.


Photo Credit: Benjamen Colegado (Jamcole Photography)


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