Ich Liebe Berlin


Where do I start? The music, street art, the historical background, the beers? What’s not to love about Berlin?  Like serious. I have a lot to say to this giddy city but in all honesty, this place is a ton of FUN, what more could you ask for?

Before we headed to Amsterdam, me and my travel buddy made a quick stop to Berlin, because… why not? It’s on the way isn’t it? We usually planned it out to be just a “quick” stop, say only an overnight stay but eventually the overnight stay turned out to be 4 days of pure mind blowing, out of this world FUN. Berlin is just so overwhelmingly amazing and here’s why.

10 Reasons why you’ll love Berlin
    The wall was built during the early years of the cold war when Germany was divided, separating East Germany to West Germany from 1961 to 1989. The wall was built by the German Democratic Republic to keep east berliners escaping to the west.

    There’s just so much history to it, if you haven’t heard about it, ya’ll better brush up your history books, read, get to know it, pay respect. It’s more than just a wall filled with graffiti.



2. Biergartens “Beer Gardens”. I know, it’s all over Germany, but Berlin definitely has the best ones.



3. Street Art. There are a lot of art exhibitions in the streets of Berlin, you’ll be surprised, you’d probably dig most of them, I’m sure.



4. The Pub Crawls are AWESOME.  Pub Crawls are definitely a common thing for backpackers staying in hostels. Berlin definitely has one of the best pub crawls you don’t want to miss. It’s just a treat to be toured around to different German bars, I mean “different” in a whole new level. Plus, you’ll meet a lot of  friendly travelers who has the same expectations as you do. “To drink till you drop”.



5. BEER is cheaper than WATER. A bottle of water will cost you €2, Coke is €1.8 while a Berliner is €1.2. Need I say more?


Photo from: Spyonberlin.com


6. Interesting Events in Restaurants. Fancy a dinner in the dark for two?



7. History and Sightseeing.


The weather is kind of a b*tch last October.


8.  A variety of INSANELY WEIRD BUT AWESOME BARS. I’m warning you! Unless you’re ready to explore FUN in a whole new different level never ever go to these clubs! ha 🙂


This is a Ping Pong Bar in Berlin, where everyone must play Ping Pong before actually going inside the bar. Last man standing gets a free beer.





Photo from: residentadvisor.net


10. Drinking in Public. (Drink at your own risk) You don’t have to worry about cops arresting you or getting fined, No one gives a flying f*ck, so go &  drink your heart out. 



Words and Phrases I learned in Deutsch:
  • Guten Tag “Good Morning”
  • Was geht Ab! “Whats up!”
  • Wieviel kostet das? “How much is that”
  • Wo ist die Toilette? “Where is the bathroom”
  • Ich hab keine lust “I’m not interested”
  • In Bier bitte “I’ll have a beer please”
  • Danke “Thanks”
  • Bitte “Welcome” (duhh…)


Photo Credit: Benjamen Colegado (Jamcole Photography)


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