Budapest, Hungary


Since childhood, I’ve always dreamed of traveling to Budapest. This city is one of the places on my top “to visit” bucket list. So it was quite a treat for me to be able to  finally  set foot at this grand city. Budapest has so many beautiful, detailed architecture you won’t have second thoughts of falling in love with it.

Fun Fact: “Budapest” is a combination name of cities, Buda and Pest. The two cities are separated across each other by the Danube River. Buda, situated on the hills offers the best panoramic views of the city while Pest is but a flat land surface situated on the eastern side of the river bank.

I could say, a 4-5 days holiday in Budapest would be enough to explore around the main sites of the city. All the more for backpackers not to overlook stopping by this city is of how cheap and affordable it is compared to other European attractions. It’s a shame how most tourist, skip this beautiful destination on their itineraries. Although, somehow underrated, the capital city of Hungary is definitely a must to visit.


10 Things to do in Budapest

  1. Visit the Heroes’ Square at Andrássy Avenue.



2. Visit the Mathias Church. You can take the chain bridge (by walking) on your way here. 

DSC_0499 (2)


3. Enjoy the view at the Fisherman’s Bastion.

DSC_0529 (2)1



4. Experience Old Medieval Busking in Hungary.


5. Budapest Parliament. One of Europe’s oldest legislative buildings. It even looks better upfront!



6. Visit the Hall of Art. It’s just right across Heroes’ Square. They have schedules of exhibitions online you might wanna check out too.



7. Széchenyi Baths. Experience the famous medicinal spa baths in Budapest here. Take note, they also have Thermal Bath Parties at night (only every Saturday). 

DSC_0870 (2)


8. Try a  Kürtőskalács. (I have no clue how to pronounce it) This is a famous traditional bread kind spit cake made of sweet yeast dough rolled in granulated sugar. This is also known for it’s english name “Chimney Cake”. This tasty delight is everywhere in the City Park area, so if you happen to pass by, make sure to grab on one for a quick snack.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 3.14.06 AM


9. Dinner time at Sir Lancelot Knights’ Restaurant. Ahh Yes! Nothing’s more unique than eating dinner like a king, enjoying the festivities of dining while watching jesters breathing fire & knights having a playful sword fight. Don’t over order food, as they come in massive portions in each serving!



10. Stroll around City Park. You’ll love walking in and about City Park, as it’s filled the finest everything, Budapest has to offer. You can get cheaper souvenirs here, taste the best  Hungarian street food, and take photos of old monuments, chapels and castles all preserved beautifully.

DSC_0705 (2)


Night Life

If you’re a party animal, you’d love the night life here. Besides their awesome spa and bath parties, the city is filled with Ruin Bars and Ruin pubs that sometimes (if you’re lucky) hold beer festivals. Kazincy Street, is one famous party district you can go visit as most night clubs, and pubs are situated here. Their bars are also pet friendly. This is good news for individuals who loves traveling with their dogs (woof!) and cats (meow!).


Accommodation and Transportation.


Maverick’s Lounge, the hostel we stayed

If you’re looking for a cheaper accommodation for just a short week stay, book a hostel near the city center or near Kazincy Street. They have all sorts of amazing hostels filled with young travelers like you, ready to make friends. For transportation, I’d suggest, it’s better to take the trams and the old metro stations, they’re easy to figure out and conveniently cheap.

Other Places you might wanna include in your itinerary:

  • The House of Terror Museum
  • The Museum of Fine Arts (just right across Heroes’ Square)
  • Hungarian State Opera House


Hungarian words / phrases I learned (thanks Reka!)
  • Jo Reggelt “Good Morning”
  • Szép napot “Have a nice day”
  • Nem Tudon “I don’t know”
  • Mennyi? “How much is that?”
  • Kerek egy sort “I need a beer”


Photo Credit: Benjamen Colegado (Jamcole Photography)


9 thoughts on “Budapest, Hungary

  1. Hungary and Budapest! what a lovely place!!! with rich history, culture and great architecture!

    and Karen, i didnt know you have a travel blog! i just saw this linked from your FB post. will definitely look forward to more of your travel posts here! 🙂

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