Vienna, Austria


Besides, being Austria’s capital and the the town where one of my favorite actor, Christoph Waltz was born (I bet you didn’t know that till now), Vienna is the city of architecture, history and elegance.

Several things you need to know before backpacking to Vienna, Austria.

  • Firstly, Vienna, Austria is kind of expensive compared to its neighboring friends, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia.
  • Almost all people speak deutsch in this country (unless they’re tourists like yourself), so better brush up your german lessons before you decide to talk to strangers and ask for directions.
  • Only a few locals speaks english.
  • The weather could sometimes surprise you especially during autumn and early winter season. So make sure to pack those jumpers, thermal jackets and winter scarves.
  • It is way better to visit the city during summer time. Your itinerary could get limited during early winter season as the weather gets cold and rainy.
10 Things to do In Vienna:


  1. Visit the Schönbrunn Palace

DSC_0939 (2)


2. (and while at the Palace grounds) Wander around the Schönbrunn Gardens, the sights are just stunningly beautiful.

DSC_1064 (2)


3. Visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral (one of Vienna’s finest and most impressive landmark).


(This video was taken outside St. Stephen’s Cathedral where an “unknown” italian choir group sang several hymns for free despite the cold wind atmosphere, this beautiful song made me tear)


4. Try a Wiener Apfelstrudel or an Apple Strudel “apple pie”This is one of the traditional Viennese popular pastry. It’s very common among  food stands, (not expensive either). This  apple pie, is one of Vienna’s famous dessert.




5. Visit the Hofburg Imperial Palace.



6. Watch an Opera. The cheapest entrance fee would go from 5€ to 7€ (most of these tickets are on sale so make sure to get them while they’re still cheap & available). You’ll be at the back and yes, you have to stand but It’s not that bad at all if you’re just in it for fun, most especially to those who are curious about the opera experience.



7. Grab a quick bite at Trzesniewski Reastaurant. This restaurant is very famous for their mini sandwiches that comes in all sorts of selection and their mini beer glasses. This place is quite a catch for most tourist so it could get pretty crowded in late afternoons and at night.



8. Visit the Schönbrunn Zoo. The world’s oldest zoo, and on your way there, you can take a walk at this beautiful walkway forest park.

DSC_0974 (2)


9. Go Paddle-boating. Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to paddle boat during the cold winter season.



10. Stroll around Stephansplatz’s area. You’ll find some cool souvenirs like these delicious mozart chocolates that comes in a variety of flavors.



I did not include The Wiener Riesenrad on this list, as I don’t find a big old ferris wheel interesting to visit (there are dozens of giant ferrishweels all around europe & the world, not to mention the High Roller in Vegas and the London Eye in UK). However, if you’re with a toddler or  if you’re traveling with children, this might be a good place to stop by for the kids to enjoy.

The best mode of transportation you can go by is the metro to roam around the city and the train, if you want to visit places outside Vienna. Metro signs and languages are in deutsch, but very easy to figure out if you have a map with you.

For all other landmarks I failed to include on my list (I’m pretty sure there are tons) Please feel free to make a suggestion through a comment below.

Photo Credit: Benjamen Colegado (Jamcole Photography)


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