Amazing Prague


Prague is one of my favorite destinations in Europe. Primarily because of it’s baroque architecture and the astonishing art scene everywhere. It’s a city of romance with an ample of medieval history.

Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic and it’s largest city too. It is also the grounds to a number of famous european cultural attractions. Everyone who’s backpacking around central europe should definitely consider stopping by to this charming romantic city (Don’t worry, backpacking in Prague is affordable as long as you know where to go).

10 Things to do in Prague

  1. Take a walk across Charles Bridge.



2. Listen to Street Musicians busking. On your way to the Prague castle, you’ll find lots of musicians playing in the streets or by the bridge. (If you’re pleased don’t forget to tip a penny!)


(Take this awesome european jazz band busking in the cold weather by Charles Bridge)

3. Embrace the art scene. I mean it when I say ‘the art scene in Prague is everywhere’. On your way to the Old Town Square, you can see different kinds of flyers and posters on the streets about a concert or a play somewhere. Their local plays are in czech language btw, so make sure to bring along a local friend who can translate for you.



4. Visit the Old Town Square.



5. Buy yourself a Czech Puppet as a souvenir. Czech Republic is known for their puppetry & puppet making since the 18th century. They have  variety of puppets you can choose from in puppet shops at the Old Town Square. (A medium size puppet will cost you 30-35 euros, if you are really good in bargaining, that is. *wink*)



6. Visit the Astronomy Tower.



7. Visit Prague Castle.



8. Drink a Beer. (Like seriously!)



9. Take a picture with the Prague castle as your backdrop. Yes! It’s a must.



10. Take more strolls on Prague’s streets. You can also, party at Klub Karlovy Lazne (the largest club in central europe) and experience the night life of Prague.



Attractions I have failed to visit due to the weather, was the Lennon Wall, the KGB Museum, the National Museum, the Dancing House by the Jiráskův Bridge, the Petrin Tower and the Jewish Quarter. I’m sure there’s a lot more to this list as it could go on forever. If you have anything else to add feel free to drop a comment below.


Words / Phrases I learned in Czech Language:

  • Ahoj “ahoy” – Hello or Hi
  • Deakuji – Thank you
  • Jed no pivot prosim- One beer, please!
  • Dobry den – Good day!


Photo Credit: Benjamen Colegado (Jamcole Photography)


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