Bratislava, Slovakia

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From where I grew up, most people probably don’t know where this place is, or so I think (I grew up in southeast asia, no offense). Slovakia is a landlocked country located in Eastern Europe. It shares boundaries with Poland on the north, Ukraine on the east, Hungary on the south, and Austria and the Czech Republic on the west.

This may not be one of the countries on your list to visit in Europe. However, If you’re looking for an underrated place with great climate that’s not jam packed with tourists then Bratislava is the place to be.

Great weather, great food, beautiful sights and beautiful people. I would like to stress out that out of all the countries I have visited in Europe, the slovaks probably had set the standards when it comes to beauty. They have the most beautiful men, women, children walking in the streets, riding the trams, eating in restaurants and drinking in pubs. Try walking to Bratislava’s streets downtown and you’ll see Europe’s finest autumn and winter collection. (I prob exaggerated on the last part. lol)


Top 5 Sites to visit in Slovakia:

  1. Bratislava Old Town
  2. Devin’s Castle
  3. UFO Observation Deck (UFO Tower)
  4. Bratislava Castle
  5. Slavin Memorial



Napoleon’s statue in Old Town Bratislava

DSC_0105 (2)

Devin’s Castle (view from below)

DSC_0214 (2)

UFO Tower

DSC_0176 (2)


Photo credit: Benjamen Colegado (Jamcole Photography)


Words / Phrases I learned in Slovak Language: (thanks to our friend Jan)

  • “Dakujem” Thank you.
  • “Hovoris po anglicky?” Do you speak english?
  • Pekny den prajem” Have a good day!

2 thoughts on “Bratislava, Slovakia

  1. We lived in Bratislava for one and a half year during our short period of living abroad. It really is a beautiful city with a lot to see. And as you mention, it is forgotten and you will not have to worry about to many tourists when going there as you have to do in Vienna or Budapest.

    I would like to add one sight in Bratislava to your list. That is a WWII military bunker that is open to the public. It is just south of the city in the district of Petrzalka. Just at the border with Austria. 🙂

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