Leaving my “life in a box”


Photo Credit: tfavretto (Deviant Art)

It had never really occurred to me in any way to leave the country abruptly. Sure, we always have our dream vacations back when our minds were young and naive. “Traveling the world” has always been a top five in everyone’s bucket list. But in my case, six years ago I was living the life I thought I have always wanted. I had a respectable job that pays good money enough to pay my apartment, car insurance and dog food supplies.

I grew up in a conservative family where everyone expects me to live by their hand book. I had friends who admired and supported me for my bizarre taste and weird ideas. Like I said, I had everything I’ve always wanted. Now what?

I never liked “changes“. However, If at one point in your life where you started asking yourself questions like, “Is this really what I want?”,Do I deserve this?“, “Am I going to be like this forever?”.  Then you know that, that change is about to happen (If you will allow it to). I was living in a box. I was doing things in my life the way others expected me to do so. I wasn’t living my dream. It only took me a couple of weeks to pack, sell or give away furnitures (yard sale), two days to write and sign my resignation letter and five minutes to book my plane tickets.

P.S. It was hard leaving Bono, but I had to do it.


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